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Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions.


What is a Domain Name?


A domain name is an easy way to find computers on the Internet using plain English like Each computer on the Internet has a unique number called TCP/IP (Transport Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) or commonly called IP address. Numbers are easy for computers but you could see how difficult it would be to remember the IP addresses for individual Web Sites. So we use Domain Names that are translated to IP addresses by what is called the Domain Name System (DNS). So in simple terms, when you enter a domain name like in your browser a DNS server interprets the name and resolves it to an IP address so that your computer can talk to ours.


How do I get my Domain Name?


Thatís easy. It is our goal to provide our clients with the best possible service at a reasonable price. That is why we have become a Sub-Registrar of AWRegistry, an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar. So why should you use our service? Because you get the same high quality service that you would get by going direct, but you will save $11.00 a year in registration cost, and we can help you along the way. See Clem Systems Domain Name Service


Why do I need a Domain Name?


In order for people to find your Web Site on the Internet you will need a Domain Name. For example could be sent as an IP number like XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX where the Xís represent the IP address. 


For businesses having a domain is a must, even if you don't have a web site yet. You want to secure the best domain name for your business. To search for a domain name do a domain name search and read our How To before you do anything. With the new .biz and .info you now have a better chance of obtaining the name you want, but donít wait too long - they are going fast.


Do I have to get my Domain Name at the same time as my Web Hosting service?


No. You can get your domain name at any time. When you have your Web Pages ready to go is when to get your Web Hosting service.  To learn more about the process read our How To guide.


See: How do I get started with a Web Site for my business?


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More Questions?


If you have not already done so please see How do I get started with a Web Site for my business and Web Hosting Frequently Asked Questions.

Still have question? Send us an email.


No Time?


If you want a Web Site and donít have the time to build or manage the site yourself, call or email with your needs. When you need changes made we don't charge you a full hour labor if you don't need it, like some do. We bill in 1/4 hour increments so the cost of simple changes and updates to you site is controllable.


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