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How do I get started with a Web Site for my business?


This can be difficult and confusing, if you take on the whole project yourself.


If you want a Web Site and donít have the time or knowledge to build or manage the site yourself, call or email with your needs. We can set up a simple Web Site for as little as 299.99 the first year including Domain registration and the first year of web hosting! After your first year your ongoing cost is as little as $119.40 for the web hosting and $24.00 a year for domain registration.


If you would like us to handle the whole process for you we can do that too, just send us an email we will customize a package for you. When you need changes made we don't charge you a full hour labor if you don't need it, like some do. We bill in 1/4 hour ($15.00) increments so the cost of simple changes and updates to you site is controllable.


If you would like us to do it for you give us a call or send an email. If we design a site for you, we will not charge you until you approve the project or start using our work. We offer a discount to non-profit originations, email for details.


Have you ever setup a web site? It may be less expensive for you to have us do it from the start. If you are wanting to do it yourself read on, if you need help contact us before you do anything else.


You will then need to decide what you want to accomplish with your site. Will it be informational, customer service or do you have products that you want to sell? If you are looking to have a site like or some of the other big guys you will need to open up your wallet big time. You will need to have your site prepared and maintained by professionals that specialize in those types of sites.


You need to ask yourself if you can publish your pages yourself, or will you need help with page contents and layout? If you can do this yourself you can save some money. Keep in mind your pages should be changed from time to time to keep people coming back for more. If you do your own site you need to know how to use Meta Tags to get the most from your site.  If you donít understand and donít have the time to learn we can help place the tags in your pages or do the pages for you. Clem Systems can help with the layout; you supply the contents and graphics and we can help you with the layout of your site at a very reasonable cost to you.


Getting your site on the Web. Now that you have a domain name and your site pages are laid out, how do you get it on the World Wide Web? You need a hosting service, a place for your pages to be delivered to the world. This too, can be confusing with web hosting services ranging from free (see right) with pop-up adds to hundreds a month. The most important considerations will be reliability, speed, and cost (see web hosting frequently asked questions). 


Now you have your site on the Web, how will people find it? You need to be listed in search engines, Web directories and links from other sites. We offer our clientsí links from our sites to theirs at no cost (subject to approval). You can spend a small fortune getting listed in all the search engines. Some search engines require that you pay each time someone clicks through to your site in order to get top listings with them. I have a problem with these sites, not that Iím against advertising. The problem I have with these sites is that the top listing goes to whoever is willing to pay the most, and not the most relevant information. So we chose to save our money, we have spent nothing on this site to be listed. How did you find us? The most important thing you can do to get listed is to have relevant content on your site. We can help you get listed with both pay and free listings. If you are in a hurry to get listed, the pay sites are the way to go. It may take a few months to get listed on the free search engines.


Bottom line is that if you do your own pages you can have a Web presence for as little as $143.40 ($119.40 for web hosting and $24 for one year domain registration) for the first year! 


If you need help with Web design, send us your ideas and see how we can help. If you have any questions please send an email.


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Domain Names


First you need to secure a domain name thatís suitable for your business (see Domain Name FAQ).


To look for an available domain go here and enter the name you want to see if it is available


Quality Web Hosting


Clem Systems can offer you quality Web Hosting at a very reasonable cost. As low as $9.95 a month.


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